A Vist From Erin McGowan

Laurie Boris

12459586_10153904282158278_717576313_nToday we have a special visitor. My friend Erin McGowan is here to talk about her new YA fantasy novel, The Mage: Awakening, which is participating in Amazon’s Kindle Scout program.

Kindle Scout is a fairly new program launched by Amazon where YOU get a hand in deciding what books get published. If, at the end of Erin’s run, she gets enough votes and Amazon decides to publish her book, everyone who nominated her will receive a free copy of the e-book version.

I had the opportunity to beta-read The Mage: Awakening, and I really enjoyed it. Right from the first scene, I was rooting for Katrina, the main character. But you can check it out for yourself here and read an excerpt. Then, if you decide Amazon should publish it, drop a nomination to keep Erin’s novel in the running.

A bit about Erin…

Erin McGowan lives…

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