Will Pink Shirt Day Really Change Anything?

Thoughtful and thought provoking.


KINDNESS is one size fits all

Pink shirts, or the wearing of them during anti-bullying campaigns, won’t stop bullying until we accept that bullying doesn’t just happen on the playground —  It’s EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME!

Each and every one of us is both a bully and a victim of bullying — or we have been at one time or another. No one is exempt. If you claim you’ve never been tyrannized…I say, “You’re in denial.” And contrariwise, if you claim to be innocent of brutish behaviour, I say “Bull!”
Bullying is part of our nature…we can’t help taking on roles of domination and submission. Survival of the fittest got us this far, and we are taught from an early age that strength guarantees survival.

But strength is not just physical or vocal. Strength is peaceful determination, commitment to truth and intolerance of injustice.

Though we are animals, creatures of instinct and ruled by our genes, this does not mean we shouldn’t…

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