Balancing Writing and Filming

I have the same issue with writing and marketing my book. I love both. As a business woman, the marketing aspect fascinates me. As a writer who in many ways only wants to write, the marketing is annoying. The good thing is, I’m always writing in my head so when I sit down to write, it flows.

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I have a confession to make, I suck at balancing the two aspects of my film life; writing, and making content.

I don’t know what it is, but when the minute I start pre-production, I stop writing whatever other project I’ve got going. It’s like my brain cannot fathom existing in two points of the creative space time continuum at the same time. It’s frustrating, annoying, and a downright pain in the patoot.

I look at writing differently than most. For me, it’s the joy of creating a fully visualized jigsaw puzzle realized as a story. I love creating people I’m interested in, and piecing together the image of story around them. I know some see writing differently, but for me, it’s like a game where I not only control the rules, I get to make them.

Filming is a different animal for me. The act of creating content is…

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