Generation Author Snowflake & The High Cost of Instant

Ah Kristen, you speak to my heart. It took me 9 months to write the first draft of my first novel. It took 4 years to publish and most of that was spent in rewrites, proof readers, beta readers, editors (both copy and content). In the end I have a novel I can be proud of and use all the coaching I got along the way to write an even better book 2 of the series. Like you, if I can’t give a book at least 3 stars, I don’t review it. And that leaves me frustrated and sad at times.

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Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of David Rogers Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of David Rogers

Technology always changes our reality and there are inevitable growing pains that go part and parcel with any innovation. Every meaningful advance always has social consequences.


From the Gutenberg Press to the Model-T to electric lighting humans have had to adjust, shift and learn to balance great benefits with never before encountered consequences.

With the digital age? Here we go again.

As I’ve mentioned before, as early as 2004 when I was puttering around a site called Gather, I saw what social media was going to evolve into, that we were looking at likely the largest shift in communication since the Gutenberg Press. I knew even then that this was likely going to be the end of publishing as we had known it for well over a hundred years.

But I would be lying if I said I didn’t have…

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