Shiny Polished Scripts

From Michelle Muldoon, a woman I admire and respect – great coaching for all writers.

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There are times when writing is difficult. I’m not talking about writer’s block, but the issue of time. Time is a struggle for me. Between working to pay the bills and working to make film there is sometimes little time to make words into sentences, and those sentences into a story. So what do I do, not write at all?

I turn my attention to making something old into something new. I do a polish on an old script. Does that sound like a writing cop-out? It might but not really. The more we write, the better we get. I believe I’m a better writer today than I was when I wrote some of my screenplays three or four years ago. Why not update the script with my shiny new skills and make it something I feel like I can stand behind today.

I recently did that with a feature…

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